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Photography training courses

07742 521813

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Experiential Photography Coaching

With Caroline Bloor BA (hons) MA


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07742 521813

Tuition generally takes place in West Sussex, close to the South Coast of England. Out of doors venues can include woodland, downs or coastal areas. Where possible I would encourage you to visit West Sussex and work with me in this way. However, if this is not practical for you, I am happy to explore other means of experiential coaching.

“Happy to work with you if you are a beginner, creatively challenged, lacking in confidence  or just plain bored with your photography”

What I could do is teach you the facts and the figures - the techniques you need to work effectively with your camera.  You can bring your camera here to me still in the box and leave with it swinging round your neck and a smile on your face.

Or how about we go somewhere special. Somewhere where hundreds of photographers have trodden the paths to recreate their own versions of the stunning views in front of them. We could do that. I can talk you through the settings, the light, the composition...

But...  I prefer to work the other way around. Let’s instead start with your unique creativity. Let’s start with what goes on in your mind, and, like an artist, find a way for it to emerge on a page in front of you. Let’s make this uniquely about you, about your experience and finding out that the place where you are right at this moment, is perfect for capture in a photograph. And if we learn a bit more about using cameras along the way - so much the better.

I am happy to work with either individuals or very small groups of people. How else can I tap into your potential? You don’t need experience but you do need enthusiasm. Come to me as a beginner, creatively challenged, lacking in confidence  or just plain bored with your photography and let’s explore the world through the lens of your camera.